Right Where it

In line with E&O’s future-living vision for Andaman, Fera residents will be part of a connected and sustainable community, where lifestyle amenities and daily needs can be reached in 15 minutes either by foot, bike or the island’s innovative modes of public transport. Connectivity from Andaman to Seri Tanjung Pinang and Gurney Bay seamlessly link to the heart of Penang. As a key property of Andaman Island, Fera is set to be synonymous with exclusivity and discernment, joining the ranks of some of the country’s most enviable addresses. Where every homeowner doesn’t just buy a home, but also leaves a legacy for generations to come.

Colonial Concepts
Made Relevant

Fera Courtyard Terraces rise politely between swaying treetops. All around, cool, breezy shades provide the perfect offset to Penang’s equatorial weather. Adapting colonial principles into 21st-century elegance, every home is designed to usher in its surroundings. High ceilings provide an ambience of space. Generous glass fixtures welcome natural light. Private courtyards reminisce Penang’s glory days, where one feels connected to the world outside even within the home.


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