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Avira, part of the Medini Iskandar Malaysia township in Johor, places residents within arm’s reach of premier learning facilities

Work, play, learn, and live - striking a balance among these is a life goal many strive for, but it’s certainly no mean feat, with multiple factors to consider and dynamic variables that can upset the equation in a snap.

Medini Iskandar Malaysia (MIM), an upscale township in Johor’s Iskandar Puteri, is paving the way towards that, with the aim of becoming the ‘Icon of Future City Living’. It wants to provide a harmonious environment that maintains that balance while respecting nature and sustaining the future. A tall order, no doubt, but one that’s fast becoming a reality.

Located within this visionary flagship zone is the 207-acre Avira masterplanned development, a joint venture by Eastern & Oriental Berhad with Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd, and one of only a handful of landed properties at medini.

The luxe, picture-perfect homes are the ideals of tropical living, boasting expansive frontages with uninterrupted spatial flow between the outdoors and indoors. Each unit comes complete with a private courtyard that’s showered in abundant natural light and optimum air circulation, bringing a slice of nature and the outdoors in. A neighbourly spirit is encouraged at the back gardens, which extend into communal green spaces that are designed for sharing and mingling.

Avira Garden Terraces, one of just a handful of landed properties at Medini Iskandar Malaysia, delivering a holistic and harmonious lifestyle

This green space at Avira is one of many that invite you to be harmony with nature

Can it get any more idyllic than that? Evidently yes. Avira is located just minutes from the Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal and the Second Link into Singapore, affording optimum access and convenience.

For families with school-going children, it gets even better: Avira shares an address with EduCity Iskandar Malaysia, an education hub that promises world-class educators and facilities amidst a vibrant environment that’s conducive to learning. EduCity, just 7km from Avira, is home to no less than three international schools and seven universities from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Parents can choose between Sunway International School, Marlborough College Malaysia, and Raffles American School for their young ones’ early to tertiary education. The former sits directly across Avira, while the other two are minutes away by car. Each offers a distinctive syllabus and unique approach to learning, so it’s a matter of identifying which best suits your child and encourages their ideal personal development.

EduCity Iskandar Malaysia provides a world-class learning environment

College-ready students have no shortage of options either. The University of Nottingham Malaysia, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, University of Southampton, University of Reading, Raffles University Iskandar, Multimedia University and Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology all have their presence here.

All these, nestled across 207 acres that make up Medini Central in Iskandar Puteri, makes Avira Garden Terraces not just a first-rate property but a holistic lifestyle waiting to happen. It’s right up there as one of the best investments in the Southern Corridor.