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What makes The Mews such a standout property? Two of its residents tell us

The Mews in Kuala Lumpur, is strategically located in the heart of the capital


If The Mews had an ambassador, Ito-san would be it. Having lived there since last November, he has already invested in a second unit and relentlessly spreads the word about the property among friends and family back in Japan. Ito-san tells us what it is about The Mews that has captured his heart so.

I first visited Malaysia last March and fell in love with the country. I decided to visit again in June and began looking to buy a house - my first criteria was that it had to be near KLCC. The agent took me to six or seven properties, the last of which was The Mews.

I found The Mews to be of very good quality. Moreover, the management team that showed me around was very professional, friendly and helpful. I felt that they were supportive and trustworthy. Truth be told, that was what convinced me to buy a unit here.

The concierge service is a highlight of The Mews. The staff are always very polite and professional, I always buy them gifts whenever I return from Japan. I also like that there is a regular shuttle service, which makes it very easy and convenient for me to get to places around the city centre.

I love everything here. Even though I go back to Japan regularly. I own a chain of 20 nursing homes in Tokyo, this feels like home. I have come to love spicy food and one of my favourite places to eat is just next door to The Mews, a Nyonya restaurant called 1919.

Many of my friends in Japan asked me about Malaysia. I am happy to share my experience and regularly recommend The Mews to them.

Mr Sekiziwa Masaharu (left) and Mr. Ito Hedeo

The concierge, a picture of refined elegance


As the owner of a property company back in Japan, Sekiziwa-san knows what makes a good property and so didn’t need much convincing when it came to The Mews. He has made Malaysia his home since early this year and enjoys every minutes of it.

I traveled with Ito-san on his second visit to Malaysia. We viewed a number of properties together. I’m in the real estate industry so I know good value when I see it. The Mews ticked all the right boxes.

When news of me buying a property in Malaysia reached the ears of my friends and business contacts back in Japan, I received numerous enquiries. So many people were curious about this country and wanted to come and see for themselves. The first thing I tell them is that Malaysians are very kind.

The bathroom with bathtub is my favorite feature. In Japan, houses tend to be small so space is a luxury. Yet bathing is such an integral part of our culture. So it’s great to have such a comfortable and spacious design.

The spacious bathrooms are among The Mews' most well-received features

I’m also impressed by the lobby design and the level of security. They have 24-hour security here, which is very rare in Japan. Facilities like gym and swimming pool are also not common in my home countrry.

As a foreigner, I really appreciate the shuttle service provided by The Mews. It has made it very easy for me to access and explore many different places of Kuala Lumpur.

Take a dip in the infinity pool and cool down to views of the city

The koi pond and the rooftop garden create a beautifully landscaped green lung, exclusively for residents' use

To know more about The Mews, visit www.the-mews.com or contact our team at +6017 266 1188