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Two residents of Avira Garden Terraces in Medini Iskandar, Johor tell us why their neighborhood feels like one big global family


Zhow Jie with her son, Calvin

After living in Singapore for several years, Zhow Jie and her husband decided to relocate across the causeway for their son’s education. They have been living at Avira Garden Terraces for two years now.

What attracted you to this property?
The soothing, green environment and the beautiful home aesthetics. In China, where I’m from, houses tend to have very rigid design whereas the homes here have an openness about them. My husband doesn’t like that ‘closed-in’ feeling so we were very pleased with the semi-open design of the bedroom.

Were you already familiar with Johor Bahru before moving here?
We’d been here before; we brought our son, Calvin Guo, to Legoland. I like that it’s relatively quiet here, there’s not much traffic.

Your favorite features at Avira?
The many different activities...there’s always a celebration during major festivals. During Chinese New Year, for example, we even had lion dance so I didn’t feel like I’d missed out even though we didn’t go back to China. The best part is, whenever there is something going on, all the mothers here can grab the chance to relax and not cook as they usually serve food at the events!

Are you close with your neighbors?
Yes, many of them are students or teachers at Calvin’s school so we all know each other. We all come from different parts of the world - China, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and of course Malaysia but everyone is like family. My son’s English has improved very quickly since we lived here!

Having lived here for two years now, how do you feel about Avira overall?
I have no complaints. It’s generally quiet and restful, and I feel safe letting Calvin play outside. I have visited other residential areas in Johor Bahru but nothing compares to Avira. Whenever I have any problems with my house, all it takes is one phone call to the management office and they’ll take care of things immediately. We’re very conveniently located too, there are restaurants, a supermarket and even a Starbucks nearby. So really, I feel that we have everything we need here!


Abby is fondly known as the "Mayor of Avira"

One of the pioneer residents of Avira, Abby knows just about everyone here and they know her as the ‘Mayor’! Her friendly, bubbly personality has won her many friends among her neighbors and she’s the one they often go to for advice.

Why did you decide to call Avira home?
My husband and I manage several businesses in Singapore (where I was born and raised) and Shah Alam, Selangor and we travel regularly between these two places. We wanted to stay in a more convenient transit point. We found Avira to be a sound investment as it offers high-end living and is strategically located in an upcoming area that’s poised to be Johor Bahru’s second CBD. When you invest in a property, you must be certain you can resell it. I’m always promoting Avira to everyone I know! It’s exclusive and in a class of its own. If serenity and privacy is what you seek, look no further.

Have you observed a lot of changes between when you first moved in and now?
You could say I watched Avira grow and develop, and it’s certainly progressed effectively. We have a well-maintained gym, and a swimming pool and club house. The management organises countless activities that are great opportunities for neighbors to meet and mingle.

As the ‘Mayor’, you must know everyone here...
I guess people are drawn to me because I love to talk! To me, neighbors are very important...a neighbor can be your greatest friend, a neighbor will help look out for you or your home when you’re away. I love cooking, so I’m always sending food over to my neighbors. At least once a week, we take evening walks to the lake and some of them will walk their dogs at the same time.

It’s a really international community we have here and we’ve all become good friends. I also organise fun social activities like barbecues and karaoke nights.

What do you think is the best feature of Avira?
The security is constantly improving. We get a new batch of guards every three months and there are two watch dogs on site too. Overall, I feel protected and assured living here. A home is a nest, a sanctuary, it should be a place where everyone wants to be so safety is of utmost importance.