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The new Clubhouse at Avira Garden Terraces in Bandar Iskandar, Johor is fast becoming a popular meet-and-mingle point for its residents

There's nothing quite like a dip in the pool or a heart-pumping workout at the gym to complete your day. Residents of Avira Garden Terraces, who have always enjoyed a fairly healthy way of life thanks to the wide, open spaces around their homes that encourage staying active, can now incorporate these leisure and fitness pursuits into their lifestyle. Both these facilities are offered at the Clubhouse, which opened earlier this year and is for the exclusive use of Avira residents.

For many, the swimming pools are the highlight, and there are two of them. The kids' pool, with a depth of just 0.6m, allows for many hours of splashing good fun while the regular pool measures 30m by 9m, with a depth of 1.2m, so serious swimmers can do their laps. Both are salt water pools.

One of two swimming pools at the Clubhouse, a popular relaxation point for residents of Avira Garden Terraces

The gymnasium, on the other hand, is well-equipped to give you a good total body workout. There's also a weekly yoga class that's taught by one of the residents.

Besides that, there's space for residents to host parties and barbecue dinners, creating opportunities to foster community spirit. To that effect, in the last few months since it opened, the Clubhouse has hosted a series of gardening workshops that imparted useful information while allowing for quality bonding time.